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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

God is good!

Today has been a pretty eventful day.  Jay had a wreck this morning on I-40 with a deer.  The deer was coming across the interstate and collided with Jay's company pickup as he was on his way to work.  The pickup has $3,000 damage.  Jay was not hurt.  "Thank you, Lord, for your protecting hand on my husband today."  The deer was not so good...I worked 6 1/2 hours today for homecare.  I love my job.  When I came home I had a few minutes to get a load of laundry going.  Got laundry going when Hayden and J.J. come crashing through the front door starving for a snack.  We grabbed some Halloween candy (great nutritional after school snack, LOL) and out the door we go to get Hayden and J.J.'s hair cut.  We sat in the barber shop for an hour and what do you know, I forgot my checkbook.  So, I had to go back home to get a checkbook to pay for the boys' haircuts.  I can't use the debit card because it's been used so much that it has a crack across the part you slide through the credit card machine.  Had to go to the bank earlier on my lunch break to order a new one of those.  When I got back from getting a checkbook, Hayden and J.J.'s hair has been cut and styled with lots of gel, just like they like it:)  I paid for the haircuts and off to the grocery store we go.  We are having hamburgers for supper and need hamburger buns and fixins. Yum!  Dinner is complete and I sit down to eat.  I eat all my hamburger and take my medication.  Should be good for the rest of the evening so thought I would sit down and try to tell everyone about "our story"........................

As some of you know Jay and I are no longer able to have anymore children.  We have the four:  Meghan age 19, Hunter age 14, Hayden age 10, & J.J. age 9.  They are the best!  God is molding and making them into His Christ-likeness.  Meghan is living in Edmond, going to college at UCO, and is very involved in the music and children's ministries in her church.  Hunter is in the youth group now, is playing basketball, and doing well in school.  Hayden was baptized a few weeks ago!  J.J. loves to read, enjoys music and sports, and Hunter hung the moon and starts in his eyes.  As a family we have always talked about adopting a baby someday but never really thought that this dream could ever become a reality.  God can really change your life if you are listening and obey whatever He is telling you to do.  I, for about 3 months now have heard the call of God. Jay, on the other hand, felt like it was a wrong number. LOL!  I have spent many hours in prayer and have been asking others to pray for God's discernment in a matter that will change our family's life forever.  I was trying to be the patient and understanding wife that God would want me to be, when all I really wanted to do was tell Jay that God has showing us the way for sometime now.  We purchased a Tahoe a few weeks ago and I dropped the hint that we had room for our family and a car seat.  Jay said the reason we have a new car is because the old one had too many miles on it.  I also told Jay that he wasn't getting any younger and now was the time we needed to adopt.  All along, Jay had been praying and seeking God's will.  He was just trying to argue with God.  Then Tuesday, October 22nd, Jay left for work that morning trying to think of a way to tell me that we were not supposed to adopt.  After much crying, screaming, and laughing, Jay trusted and had faith that God will lead and protect our family in the journey that God has planned for us.  Which leads me to what we are encountering today...Jay and I are filling out our adoption application.  We have been working on it for about a 4 days now.  Our hope is that it is completed and sent by Wednesday evening.  We ask that you join with us and pray for an APPROVAL!!!


April said...

Love the testimony!!! God gets all the glory for where you are right now. Also sounds like you did have a eventful day! Glad to hear that Jay is ok, sorry to hear about the damage on the truck, oh and the deer! LOL Keep your chin up ~ God will deliver!

Kaylee :) said...

Hey Addington Family, I am so excited to hear what has happened, And i hope i will get to be a big part of your journeY! Now that will add one more similarity to both of our families!:) I miss you guys and cant wait to see all of you!!
Love you guys,
~ Kaylee:)