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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Got our approval November 19th.  Praise the Lord!!!  Karla called Jay.  We listed my cell phone number as our home number. She notified us of the approval on Jay's cell phone.  AND he kept the news to himself all afternoon long without sharing.  Can you believe that???  So, when Jay got home that evening he called for a family meeting.  The boys and I sat around on the couch while Jay stood before us looking very serious.  He says, "Well, you know we've been waiting for news about adopting?" Pause.........Pause...........Pause...........
Still very serious he says, "We got approved."  Everyone screams!!!  We are soooo excited!!!  I don't know where to begin.  I've been working this week and doing laundry daily so that we will have everything clean for the holiday weekend.  I will be packing in the morning for the five of us to travel to April and David's Thanksgiving evening.  Meghan drove home this evening after she got off work.  Really nice to have her home.  Anyway,  The MANUAL...I haven't had a chance to look at anything but the first few pages.  I have read through the pages with all the fees.  Jay and I will not stress.  The Father is going to provide.  His provisions will come in his timing and all fees will be paid in full just at the right moment.  I did read over the table of contents and I can't wait to skip to the back to read and learn all about China.  Probably will take it (the manual) to Thanksgiving lunch and read a little while everyone is gossiping about the family that didn't make it for lunch:)  HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL AND MANY BLESSINGS TO COME!!! 

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April said...

Loved hanging out for the much needed long weekend!!! :) Hope to have that much time next time we get together. Love you all!