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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Still waiting...

We are blue...was really hoping and praying for an April travel approval.  Adoption agent says--JUNE:(  We just have to keep our eyes and mind on the one and only Savior, Jesus Christ.  Right now all we can do is stay busy, just to pass the time. 

Jay promised me to go "bow" shopping on the 9th.  He told me not to schedule anything for that day because we had a date.  So I rush at work, trying to get home by 6pm.  I received a text from Jay asking if I was ready.  I washed my face and changed into fresh, clean clothing and waited for him to pick me up.  Well, my friend, Liz, came by my house.  She asked what I was doing.  I told her, "Waiting for Jay.  He is taking me bow shopping."  Liz replies, "Jay isn't coming.  You are going to spend the evening with me since we weren't able to celebrate your birthday."  I thought, "This is ok.  BUT Jay lied to me."  LOL  Anyway, Liz takes me to the church to pick up all my VBS supplies.  Then she receives a text.  Jalonda needs her VBS book too.  So we take Jalonda her book.  When we walk into her house a pleasant surprise was waiting for me.  A wonderful group of ladies were there to celebrate my 38th birthday.  Liz kept encouraging me to move on through the house.  I went into the kitchen and there stood another awesome surprise, Misty Hall.  Oh, how we miss her, Shane and the girls.  But that wasn't it...Liz encouraged me to go further into the house.  When I got to the dining room there awaited the most precious picture of our newest addition, Jacii, and a table of pink cupcakes, candy, the yummiest chicken salad and cresent rolls, and gifts for a baby girl.  We had the greatest time catching up with Misty, eating, visiting and opening gifts.  Thank you so much to the sweetest and most loving group of ladies.  We can't wait for Jacii to meet all of you.  Your gifts, love, prayers, and sweet spirit are so greatly appreciated.  Words can't express how much you mean to our family.

Jay has been forgiven.  And I went bow shopping yesterday...giggle giggle:)

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