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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Well, it's been awhile...So much to say to bring all up to date.  Michelle is working full-time for homecare as of October.  Jay is busy is ever selling for Stinger.  Meghan is doing well at UCO.  She is considering moving into a different house.  She also has been transferred to a branch of the bank she currently works for that is closer to her house.  And she is talking about changing her major for the 3RD time. Still very proud of her.  Hunter just finished football and had his first basketball tournament already.  Glad to watch him playing inside a building instead of out in the cold.  Ha!  Hayden is doing well as a fifth grader.  He is singing as one of Washington's Cyclone Singers and loving it.  He stays after school every Tuesday and Thursday for practice.  He decided that pad football was not for him.  But he can't wait til basketball season starts.  J.J. is reading up a storm.  4th graders are practicing timed math facts and have to pass a great number of them before the end of the year.  He is doing great.  He too is excited about basketball season but could hardly stand to sit on the sidelines of big brother, Hunter's, football games and not be able to HIT somebody!!!

We have PA!!!  That is the abbreviation for pre-approval.  This means that China has pre-approved our family to adopt the little girl God put in our hearts.  She is lovely.  Her hair is dark.  She has large chocolate brown eyes.  Her "special need" is a unilateral cleft lip and palate.  Her smile is perfect.  Oh, how we long to hold her and tell her how happy we are to be her forever family.

April, Jolanda, and Julie came over one Saturday afternoon and painted our Jacii's bedroom.  Thanks so much for your help ladies.  We could not have done it without you.  When Jacii gets home, she will see and feel just how much love went into preparing a safe and comfortable place for her to rest and play.

Please continue to pray for patience and provision.  We have applied for various grants and are waiting for an answer.   With Christmas around the corner, we will try selling jewelry again. Thanks so much to all who are praying and encouraging us.  It means so much when someone is truly interested in where we are in this long process of adopting a child.  Keep praying and soon we will bring Jacii home!                     

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