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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Needing God's Provision

Just spoke with our home study social worker.  Her name is Earlene.  We are to pay the fee for the home study before we are able to start.  We also have our first installment due to Lifeline.  We desperately need prayer for God's provision.  I know God is molding Jay & I into better stewards.  This home study seems to have come at a very costly time of year for us.  We purchased our Tahoe in October.  We had to pay the tag, title and tax in November along with our first loan payment for the Tahoe.  Hunter's consultation with the orthodontist is the middle of this month.  CHRISTMAS IS 23 DAYS AWAY!!!  The kids have no gifts and I haven't even set up the Christmas tree.  I am putting together necklaces and ear rings until my hands hurt and I can do no more.  April suggested we sell poinsettias, but so far am not doing very well with that.  I'm not feeling well today and am not getting much accomplished but a few loads of laundry.  Pray, pray, and pray some more.  This is a depressing day for me. And I know this is just the beginning of more times like this.  But I'm holding on for the awesome times that are to come.  Thank you friends and family for your prayers and thoughts.  I'll see if maybe I can get the tree up today :)

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