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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Home study!!!

Hunter just played his last baseball game this last Thursday. He was really beginning to bat well. Plus he was starting to pitch a little. He signed up for summer league baseball and will be traveling on Mondays and Thursdays throughout the summer. He says that baseball is his favorite sport and he wants to get really good at it. Hayden has glasses now. Took him to the eye doctor because he was complaining of headaches and he couldn't read things far away. He is wanting to grow his hair longer. He is growing like crazy. He will be playing machine pitch baseball this summer. Jay and I are going to coach his team! JJ is growing like crazy as well. He went from size 8 to 12 in jeans this past winter. And now those jeans are hitting the top of his feet. Thank goodness warm weather is coming and he wil be wearing shorts soon. Who knows what size he will wear this coming fall. Lol! JJ also has glasses. He is just the opposite of Hayden. He can't read close up. JJ was complaining of a headache everyday after school. He is excited about summer baseball! JJ will e on our team also. You should see his hair. It's shaggy long and wavy. Meghan is working at the bank, studying, and involved in many activities at her church. We get to see her about every three weeks for a day and then she leaves to live life in the big city:) Very proud of the young women she has become!

Home study was completed on April 16th. Waiting on Earlene to finish typing our report. Jay is currently working on our Hague training that is about 10 hours on the computer. I finished last night. Learned alot of how much time is of the upmost importance. Praying that God will move and monies will become available and referral will be made and our child will be matched and will be traveling as soon as possible to bring our Jacii home.